Been hearing a lot about the pine garden and finally got down to trying it. Got the above mentioned flavours and lychee martini was a clear favourite!!!!!! They’re also having a 3 for 30% off right now so j got these three cakes for only $11.

Old school cakes w a modern twist

One for one mains, which we got salmon and turkey ham! And also granchio and truffle mushroom pasta :-) the waffles were rly nice and personally thought the truffle mushroom was a bit gelat so I would recommend it for sharing. Reasonable price made even more worth after burpple!

Both dishes were rly nice! The French toast came with candied bacon, and personally thought if I had the entire dish on my own, it might have been too much. The pizza was gr8!!!! The prawns were huge and fresh + the crust was thin.

Crabmeat linguine was quite nice, there was quite a decent amount of crabmeat and the sauce wasn’t too thick. Also got the truffle fries and I liked that the fries was crispy!!!! Very worth it with burpple beyond 👌

Went on a public holiday and it was SO crowded. Took awhile for the food to come but the server did warn us so all good. This was quite yummy - not too heavy and was definitely good fuel before walking around Punggol waterway!

Got the burpple one for one with appetiser meal, and chose the squid ink fries since it was recommended! It was quite unique and pretty interesting but I think it gets soggy if you don’t eat it soon enough hahaha not too bad tho!

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The croissant was flaky and buttery, and the Mille-feuille was also rly nice!!!! They increased prices tho :-( got the almond magic (+0.50) and the coffee was quite strong! Went at around 3:15 on a Saturday noon and waited about 15mins for a table - not too bad!

The sashimi was very fresh and we also got to choose a side dish along with it. Sun with moon never fails! Also, they’ve rly good service.

Visited pasta brava for their one for one lunch set.
We got the duck ragout pappardelle and the ravioli con carne with cheese sauce and it was good!!!!! Hmm the food is okay, but the portions are not very big. Wouldn’t come back if not for burpple!

Decided to try this place after searching for beyond places near Holland village. The portion was a bit small but overall, it was still good :-) got the Aburi scallop salmon don and salmon ikura Don :’)

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Got the cacao soft serve and the acai soft serve and it was super yums!!! Their flavours are on rotational basis :-) it’s also naturally sweetened and vegan! A healthy afternoon treat in this sweltering heat. The botanics outlet used to be on beyond but it no longer is now :-(

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