tried the jajangmyeon and Naengmyeon, texture of the noodles were great but both dishes tasted quite average but prices are reasonable and still worth a try and service was great! Overall still a great experience but I had better korean noodles elsewhere.

Had the 200g beef karubi set for $12.90 excluding GST and Service. Really affordable for the quality of meat. Sauces provided were great and staff were friendly as well.

Used the 1 for 1 $25 nett deal and had the beef bowl which was really delicious and had good texture and plus points for the runny yolk. Portions are just nice and for what you’re paying for, the beef portion is actually quite generous. Only downside was that I felt they used too much black pepper ask for less if you’re planning to go.

Brazilian and Colombian blend. Used the $5 one for one coffee for takeaway which makes it super worth. If you like nutty and roasty notes it’s definitely a winner.

Friendly baristas and coffee is great probably the best in the town area, went with a natural filter from colombia and the tasting notes matched with the card they gave us. Super juicy and strong guava notes in this cup although it’s priced on the higher side it’s well worth the money.