Their Kuromitsu Latte (right) is really good! Not too sweet and foam is more on the creamier side. A nice place to just chill and rest the legs after shopping.

- Neptuna Melt w Tater Tots $17.90
- Crab & Scallop (Pasta) $24
- Scrambled Egg $4.30

Thoroughly enjoyed our food! Please do yourself a favor & order the pasta. Can skip the scrambled egg.

(not in photo)
- The Milky Way $7.50
- Iced Vanilla Latte $7.50
Have always been a fan of their white brew.

- Wild Mushroom Risotto $22
- Baba Porchetta $25
- Truffle Fries $10
- Honey Pot $17
- Lucky Charm $17

Went during dinner time & they were having HH promotion for their cocktails, really love their drinks concept! The honey pot was really good. Food was okay - nothing much to shout about.

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Ordered the ice latte and it was kinda average. The attitude of the lady taking the order though… Felt like I was not welcome at all. lol.

Ordered the avocado & egg toast (toast was SUPER hard), grilled cheese sandwich, truffle tater tots & coffee white (pretty acidic). Had pretty high expectations going in the cafe but left with a huge disappointment!

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The caramelised onion made the muffin really tasty! Iced latte was a tad bit acidic but the cereal latte was good!

If you love your coffee creamy, you need to get this!!!! So so good!

Pretty decent coffee though it was slightly acidic!

Set came with champagne! However, some of the food was abit of a hit and miss. Overall, a really good experience.

Ordered the chocolate lava cookie with earl grey ice cream. Ideal for sharing to prevent it being too “jelat”.