Ditched my usual order and went for something 'light'. Surprisingly good as pancakes were fluffy. The eggs could have been better but it was not too bad. Salmon was... Well, being salmon. Portion was bigger than expected.

Tried the mentai pork instead of our usual prawn/chix bento. Please gimme back my prawn 😭 disappointing katsu with no hint of mentai within. Cutlet was overcooked. Was expecting something juicier but it tasted dry and hard instead. So not worth my request to change my selection

Not too sure if it's applicable to anyone else. But I doubt I'll return for it. Limited choices albeit being a buffet.

Tried clear broth of ramen for the first time. Think imma stick to my thick broth. Overall, Keisuke never disappoints

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My fave combi - Granny's fave (also mine ☺️) with milk ice cream 🍦

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That's enough fries for the month! πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š #butstilleatingitzzz #burple