Not a crab person but the staff talk us this is must order dishes, so we give it a try and never expect it turn out to be so nice, u can taste the sweetness and freshness in every bite and my family love it and immediately order three more crab. For the fish is very fresh but I personally think that the ζΈ―θ’Έa bit too light for me, and not to forget the yum paste!!!! Don't end your meal without this, if not you will regret.

The food variety are limited ,but if u are looking for a peaceful and quiet place ,this cafe definitely a good choice !

If u would like to have something light after dinner ,this bingsu would be recommended :)

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Assam crab waffles ,sounds weird but it taste so good πŸ‘πŸ»their waffles is the best ,this is "must" try dish in Montana

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I could not taste earl grey in the pan cake :(but the chill vibe and the ambience here will bring me back to give chance for other food :)

Tiny size Don if we did not upsize ,Don is nice ,salmon is fresh ,overall quite satisfied :)


Unexpected prata can mixed pretty well with egg and ham ,you may try it !

You can see everyone is stand up with phone when the seafood tower arrived on your table ,seafood is consider fresh especially their oyster ,Lala and clam.soup has absorbed the seafood essence ,taste pretty good with mee added ,overall I find it too expensive ,u can try it once in a while but I believe you could spent same amount for better seafood in other place ;)

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I am here again for their lava toast 😍original toast with forrero Roche sauce ,it taste so good !definitely better then dazzling toast ,is locate at neighborhood ,but one thing I don't like is they start to charges $0.50 for their utensil :(

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Salted egg burger ($12.00) is definitely much much more better then MacDonald ,pls order their Aburi Broccoli Salad ($13.00) ,"one bite is never enough " πŸ‘πŸ»

I am not a ramen lover so my comment Cant be count :)but always long q in most of the outlet ,you can enjoy free flow of egg and sprouts !

A beautiful creation ,and The flower in the ice cream can eat !if the soft-serve less sweet could be even better :)