A small Korean cafe, that plays Kpop music, shows Kpop music videos, sells ice cream, waffles, cakes and sweets and a very white-ish decor style. Very Korean indeed..

But it’s in a corner, quiet, not so busy and with incredible aircon :) An especially good hideout near in the ever so hot bangkok 😝

Reasonable priced, drinks cost from 70 Baht to 120~ Baht

Flavourful yet well balanced.

Simple bowl of noodles with an intricate mix of ingredients. A kind of taste that you will not get sick of it even after multiple bowls.

Reasonably priced, every main is slightly less than $10.

The design of the store reminds me of eating in Vietnam ☝🏻

5/5 ; will come again, will eat again!

1/ cheap
2/ good
3/ fast

Came for dinner and there were very little people. Compared to coming during lunch, dinner time is so much better. Will recommend to come during dinner instead of lunch 👍🏻


$5, totally worth it, it’s very very nice!

The most fragrant bowl of braised pork rice I’ve ever eaten at this point in my life! Somehow the Penang flavours blends into the dish really well yet you still know that it’s a bowl of braised pork noodles. The chilli enhanced all the flavours and is a definitely must to eat it together.


I’ve been eating this Cendol since the days it’s selling at a small alleyway! Comparable to the famous Penang Cendol!

RM1.80 for a ice cold bowl of goodness ☺️

Mee Siam with fried chicken! Served together with fresh lettuce and cucumber and topped with calamansi. The overall taste of was well balanced, slightly sweet, not salty and was easy to eat! The mee siam was good enough for me to just eat it alone!

It was slightly more than RM10, still relatively cheap for something this good!

The restaurant wasn’t crowded unlike its JB Sentral branch! I will definitely miss the nanyang delicacies back in Singapore!

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$4.50; fair enough!

The amount of ingredients was just about right! The flavour of the dish felt balanced! Unlike many Hong Kong Noodles, it wasn’t too oily and was relatively easy to eat till the last mouthful.

It was refreshing to have fresh shredded lettuce; it added crisp and juiciness of fresh ingredients into the dish.

Interesting find!

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For $5.50, I was in for a treat of local twist of popular Japanese beef bowl!

The rice used is the kind that my mum cooks everyday! Eating the rice felt really Singaporean!

The amount of beef is generous and the pepper sauce is nice!

It was an interesting experience eating this dish as it felt really local yet foreign at the same time! Some qualms about the dish is that the beef is a little too starchy for my liking and the rice is a little too hard. The 2 main ingredients didn’t felt like it complements and goes well with each other.

Recommended to try at least once! :)

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Sizzling hot food, freshly cooked on the table. Many combinations but it wasn’t clearly indicated. Taste good, satisfying and cheap!

Cheap and fresh seafood! They rear their own farm right beside the restaurant. So you can definitely have them fresh out of the waters!

It takes 30 minutes car ride from the checkpoint, easy enough to get a taxi or just grab over to the location. We were also able to get a grab out back to JB Sentral.

Another plus point is that it’s so near to Singapore that you can receive Singapore’s mobile provider and have data! :)

We had 700g of Crabs, 600g Fish, Clams, Vegetables, Man Tous for about SGD40!

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Cozy cafe. Good recommendation by the staff. Best of all it serves alcohol!

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$6 for a bowl of vermicelli soup. A huge variety of ingredients, well balanced taste. But the queue is extremely slow!