I forgot the exact name but there is only one salmon in the menu so here it is. It is awesome. The pastry is perfectly thin and the salmon is cooked perfectly! Worth the money!

A fan of the sausage and spinach 😻 it is S$22 but I'm not so sure that it worth the money

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This cafe is amazing!! Will definitely come back again both for the dessert and the environment! So cozy 😻

Havent tried this yet but eager to post a feedback. THE WAITERS ARE EXTREMELY RUDE. I hope someone from CBTL read this because I'm pissed. Was just about to compliment their atmosphere and variety of menus but then I focused more on their rudeness. Pissed.

This is perfection!! It makes my Sunday well spent. Totally recommended, lovely place to chill with your friends or just enjoying yourself. Definitely worth the price.

Scrambled egg wasnt cooked perfectly but definitely coming back for the sausage.

Tasty but the speculoos was not really there.

Did you guys get your free cone? It was worth the very-long queue!


Great place(as I have explained in my previous post). I am a bit disappointed with the sandwich tho. A big fan of bread so I ordered sandwich. But they only give me 1 slice of a bit too-hard loaf of bread. Too many greens that they can also call it salad. The poached egg is a perfection tho!


(Im not sure about the real name of the cake but it is something like that ✌🏼️) It is a great place to hangout. Especially to study or if you want to have some meetings. Because it is located inside the Milenia Walk, and it is not too crowded there. The place is also big and comfortable. For the cake itself, it is quite good but not really worth the price

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The texture of the waffle and the taste are not that great. However, the maple syrup and chocolate ice cream is so good!

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The taste was great! Real Kdrama Experience of Chicken n Beer! It may seems expensive, but it is just because of the big portion of it. It came with ddokboki that were also great! They have these innovative beers and cocktails that I will definitely try the next time I go there!

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