Amazing plump oysters! The burpple menu definitely is a good deal. Didn't change away the beef don since it was our first try there. Will definitely go again and try the other rice bowls!

Absolutely loved the pancakes. The prawns was quite fresh and the sauce was great. Even the salad was refreshing. Chicken is really tender and nice, thou the teriyaki sauce is abit too salty. Strawberry and Mango cooler is a really nice drink. Peppermint ice tea is a disappointment thou. Used Burpple Beyond but it’s worth it even without!

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Pasta portion was really little, steak was decent. Both dishes were a tad salty. A big contrast from the previous visit.

Used Burpple Beyond. Damn worth it. Sashimi was fresh and tender, Egg goes well with rice, a really pleasant experience. Chicken was really soft and delicious. A tad too spicy thou. Overall, they were quite generous with the ingredients. Definitely would visit again.

Used Burpple Beyond. Crabmeat was actually just crabstick and wasn’t a lot. However, pasta portion was really huge, sufficient for 2 person. Taste was excellent as well. Bacon carbonara tastes great and there were a lot of bacon, unlike the crabstick. Definitely worth the value for both dishes. One point to note for Burpple beyond is that 1 for 1 is only available for the same category(Eg. pasta for pasta) and that although lasagna is under pasta category, it is not a pasta.

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Used Burpple beyond. The food was decent over all. The ingredients given in the food were pretty generous. However, the menu and the furniture of the restaurant looks a little bit too worn out. Would have a much better experience if the furniture was better.

Used Burpple 1 for 1, and still think it’s not worth it for the first time. Pancake was burnt on the other side, took quite a Long time despite only 2 other table in the place was occupied with customers. Otherwise it tastes fine. Army stew was pathetic. Meat to fats ratio was like 1:9. Portion was really lacking. On the positive side, the waitress gave great service and the side dish(kimchi) was excellent.

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Awesome pizza and definitely worth it using Burpple Beyond. 2nd time eating here and the taste is still great. Guess it’s quite underrated and don’t see much people there.

The medium rare steak was done perfectly. Queue was Long yet service standard was excellent. Satisfying experience.

Definitely worth it using beyond. It’s actually filling for 3 pax and the food is great as well.

The burger taste great but was kinda cold. Believe it would be much better if it’s hot. Crab cake was great, except that the egg tastes a little weird

Ordered meatatarian pizza and garlic snowing pizza. Meatatarian was fantastic and garlic snowing was just fine. Cosy place for chilling.