First time here and the food is pretty good. However on the pricier side for cafe food but all’s good with the 1-for-1! Would recommend for coffee lovers as there are a lot of interesting options!!

Initially thought that serving was rather small till I realised I overestimated myself. Salmon was fresh so it’s nubbad! Generous serving of avocados as well. worth cause it’s a salmon + avocado dish for half the price heh 😋

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- offer was only valid for large size which was unfortunately too much for me (I’m not a big eater)
- ordered the Nutty one and it was good!!! Had granola, peanut butter drizzle, açai, banana etc
- Açai was not the sweet sweet kind too which made the whole dessert easy to eat.
- would come again for my açai fix!

Very similar style to the udon stalls in Japan 😋 ordered the one with the onsen egg and it was good as usual! The tempura was quite small tho. But since it came in a set with a drink for 7.50 each pax (after the beyond deal), it’s quite worth! 🤗

Thick chunks of salmon which is great!!! We also ordered their signature Wagyu truffle beef bowl which was not too jelak but tasted saltier towards the bottom of the bowl 🤔 worth a try!!

- Second time here and still like it as much as the first!!
- we ordered: Pistachio & green tea (roasted), avocado & guava! (Order in this combo cause it’s nubbad!!)
- their ice creams aren’t quite creamy which is good so it doesn’t feel to much to eat at one sitting!!
- tho location can be a bit of a hassle (about 4 stops away from Bugis and have to walk about 5-10 mins to Clarke quay), I’ll come back again for more 😛

- Nubbad!! Very worth cause 1-for-1 hehe
- I personally prefer peppery > herbal soups, so this one’s gr8 for me. Also not too peppery till it makes you choke and tear kind yknow?

- Tried the fried pierogi and wow how exotic it was really nice!!!
- Also tried smoked duck dumplings which were more Chinese-tasting if you know what I mean.
- However noodles weren’t worth ordering imo.
- Drinks (we ordered salted plum wolf berry pu erh) which was AMAZING cause a sis loves salted plum.

tried this a million times and im still loving it!!! prolly tastes better because of 1-1 💁🏻

Super fresh salmon chunks and scallop!!!! Super Super worth it with burpple beyond deal cause it’s pretty filling and yes the cold green tea is amazing + it’s refillable 🥳

Got 2 premium double scoop ice creams!! We chose Roasted pistachio, dark chocolate and mixed berry sorbet! Roasted pistachio had more of a subtle taste but was still smooth and creamy!!

The dark chocolate was damn gao and nice also hehe

Mixed berry sorbet was slightly sour but refreshing nonetheless!!

Will be back again 🥰