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Jjambbong (Extra Spicy Seafood Soup) Set Weekday Dinner Set (S$18.90++): Jjambbong + 3 kimchi mandu (dumplings) + free-flow drink + free-flow side dishes Spicy seafood soup comes with cabbage, clams, mussel, prawns and octopus. The soup tastes very pepperish, it also felt like there was a significant amount of MSG added to it. (S$15.50++ - ala carte) I like the kimchi mandu (dumplings). Filled with kimchi and minced pork, very appetizing. Eat it while it’s still steaming hot. (S$5.50++ - ala carte)
Yan Fang
For Best Korean Fried Chicken Round up the gang and prepare to get your hands dirty at this Korean joint in Suntec City. Get their Deep Fried Chicken ($3.90 for one, $11 for three, $21 for 6) that comes in five different flavours — garlic, soya sauce, sweet & sour, spicy, and honey glaze. Expect super crisp batter that breaks apart to reveal tender and juicy meat. If you only have space for one, go for the spicy flavour that carries quite a punch whilst being the perfect combination of sweet and savoury! Photo by Burppler Veronica Tan
Decent Weekday Lunch Set They have a variety of lunch sets that comes with free flow drinks, side dishes, a main dish and a Korean fried chicken drumstick. @ $16.90++ Side dishes includes Korean pancakes, dumplings, bean sprouts, kimchi, etc You can get to choose 4 different flavors for the chicken drumstick - classic, soy, spicy and wasabi. Overall it’s very decent and very filling. I had to take away my drumstick because I was too full from the main dish and the side dishes.
Jun Hou
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JiJi Hong Lim Wanton Mee Ji Ji noodle is located at Hong lim food complex and it is easy to find them because they have 2 big and bright stall which is not a norm, and i even just found out that they have a full fledged stall with air-conditioning at Kreta Ayer Road so who prefer better environment can head over there Anyway I try their signature wanton mee(from $4.50) and it is easily to say they are one of the best wonton mee in term from noodle,sauce and the ingredients. The noodles are springy perfectly cook and for the sauce is savoury with a hint on the sweet side, for the ingredient they pack it with good amount of charsiu,mushrooms and you even have fried and boil wanton that is pack with meat.
Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist 基记面家. Located at Blk 531A, Upper Cross Street, unit 02-49, Singapore 051531. . . . Char Siew Wanton Ipoh Hor Fan, $4.50. One of the few popular stalls in Hong Lim Complex with a long snaking q during lunchtime that you won’t missed. We had their Signature Char Siew Wanton, and decided to swop their noodle for Ipoh Hor Fan:) Huge portion for the price, there’s lots of Savory Char Siew, 2 wantons and 2 fried crispy wanton, love those crunch! We love their black gravy with flavorful mushroom which they pour over the Ipoh Hor Fan, it’s so fantastic!! We added some green chilli at the side and it goes so well! Cheap and good lunch! *Tummy rubs*😋 . . . #hungryunicornsg #jijiwantonnoodlespecialist #基记面家
Ji Ji Signature Char Siew Wanton Noodle. The highlight for me is the noodle. The noodles texture springy, bouncy and thicker than the normal mee kia. Served with homemade dark soya sauce, that’s not too sweet and it’s fragrant. The char siew not enough tender but it’s meaty and much better than other stall that served char siew sliced very thin.. 💰$4.5/5.5/6.5/8.5 📍Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist. Block 531A, Upper cross street, Level 02, #02-49. Hong Lim Food Complex.
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Poor Service, Lousy Food Newly open yet disappointing... We enter the place and search for our own seat, we even notice a family of 4 was waiting to be seated but no one approach to serve them and they left... We ordered the burpple deal, we ordered the large Kimchi soup ($28.80) and large spicy stir pork belly which is lower in value ($28.00).. But came in small portion for the spicy pork... The Kimchi was so diluted that it just taste bland, and spicy pork belly is like so fatty and many small chuck of pork dump in and stir fried. The waitress is an Indian who seems like do not understand English very well too, the shop is literally has only 1 staff handling the whole shop... She even forget to serve our side dish... Was a very unpleasant dinner experience with come n joy.
Soy Garlic Chicken I decided to give this newly opened restaurant that is tucked away in a corner in Millennia walk a try thanks to Burrple 1 for 1 deal. I was craving for some Korean fries chicken and this seems like the perfect place for that. The chicken came in enormous portions and as such soy garlic sauce can also be found on the fried chicken chicken. The interior of the chicken was rather bland even though it's soft. Also, the marination could be better as the chicken was a tad too salty. Overall, I would say it's still an eatery worth visiting!
Korean Staple: Spring Onion And Seafood Pancake There is this saying that you should order pancake at a Korean restaurant if you would like to gauge how authentic it is. As easy as it looks, the trick lies in getting a batter that isn't too thick so that it could be crispy on the outside and yet still noisy and soft on the inside. I felt that this pancake has met my expectation but it would be better if it were a little crispier on the surface.
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