Chicken skin crispy think it's fried. Thin pasta yummy even without the sauce.

Taste good though abit ex
Hint of sake jelly at the bottom of parfait.
Pleasant surprise

Kaya Ondeh Tart and gingko nuts with yam tart + avocado milkshake

Overall nice and decent. Not so sweet n overpowering.

Match Honey Yuzu Ice ($7.90)
Best drink here yum!
Visual like match taste like honey yuzu with pretty flower buds

Mango Passionfruit ($7.90)
Shiok sour passion fruit but drink is so so

Part 1

Baileys Irish Cream Cheese ($12.50)
Heavy cheese cake toast not much of Bailey and can't taste any alcohol

White Chocolate Black Forest ($8.50)
Yummy heavy chocolate

Good amount of Earl Grey from the Cupcake though can't taste any 'summer berries' flavour. Chocolate Banana pie on the other hand is strong of chocolate and real banana.
Light can go for Earl Grey, prefer heavy can go for the chocolate banana

Mild spicy and pasta chewy. Taste real crabmeat. Overall is yum yum