travelled all the way to try this and I have to say it was worth traveling for! Enjoyed it even till the last bite.
Bought their mutton soup too, and both balanced out so well.
Definitely my go to place for tulang cravings 😋

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Being a fan for fried chicken briyani, this definitely stole the limelight for me. The chicken was crispy on the outside , and very tender still. It had those crunchy and crispy bits which went very well with the rice and gravy .


The slice of cake was served with a generous amount of popcorn on top.
It was moist and soft yet crunchy along with the popcorn. 😍
It is quite sweet though, so I would recommend this for those with sweet tooth!
Price : $7
Recommend : 7/10

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a huge plate of goodness for $19.90 I should say😍
Each & every dish served along with the rice tasted really good and the serving size was perfect!
The location was also easily accessible!
recommend it : 7.5/10 👍🏽