for $2 this is a really big and thick slice so definitely worth your money. taste of the matcha was rather subtle and it would be nice if there’s more choc chips to make it sweeter. otherwise, it is a pretty good bread as the center was really light and fluffy!!

i got brown rice, curry cauliflower, egg white spinach, spicy chicken, super seeds with pesto dressing. remember to BYO for $0.50 off! even though it was the smallest size, they were really generous and it was more than enough for me. the chicken was really flavourful, cauliflower was alright but egg white spinach is a little bland, i suppose the dressing makes up for it. would definitely come back to try the other options when i wanna have something healthy.

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asked the staff for a “not so sweet” option and i chose this! really love the spicy kick from the ginger bits and the large dark chocolate chunks. centre was nice and chewy while edges were mildly crisp!! would come back to try more flavours :)

this was a really good pasta and the egg was a nice addition. pasta was cooked al dente which i like!!

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my first time trying banh mi and i love it! they have really affordable options here and the serving size is not bad. bread was crispy and well toasted + beef was saucy and flavourful. will definitely come back again given it’s affordable price.


sorry for the bad pic, was too excited to have it 😅 my second time having this bread bc i loved it the first time and i still love it now!!! i really like the crusty top and the sweet and savoury combination of the filling. the bread was really buttery as well. however, it’s quite hard to get my hands on this as they are always sold out so when i do see them i grab them 😁

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this is actually my second time having this bun and i don’t usually get the same bread twice so this really shows how much i like this 😋 the best way to enjoy this is having it chilled imo, it tastes like a cream puff bc of the light green tea flavoured cream. the cookie crust is sweet (might be too sweet for some) and adds a nice texture. even though they raised the price, i felt that the amount of cream and size of bun increased but i might just be lucky

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decided to check out this place bc of the 1-1 promo and found out that the food is actually not bad!! the waffles were crispy and smoked salmon was not overly salty which i enjoyed (i hate super salty smoked salmon yucks) however, the queueing system is quite messed up and can be improved

salmon was well executed, loved the crispy skin and flesh wasn’t dry. cherry tomatoes were really juicy too!! however, the cauliflower was kinda bland

got the creme brûlée & figs flavour with buttermilk waffle. their waffle is definitely one of the better ones i’ve tried and i really love it bc its crispy on the outside 😋 the ice cream flavour i chose was also quite unique but might be too sweet for some. there were actual fig bits inside which was a nice addition!

am not a huge fan of mee kia bc of the “yellow noodle taste” but still wanted to try this after seeing all of the good reviews. surprisingly, there was no “yellow noodle taste” which i’m really glad about!! overall, this dish was really flavourful, especially the char siew. would definitely return to try more of the dishes with the 1-4-1

really wanted to try this to see how it compares to the donq one hehe. the filling tasted more chocolate-y rather than matcha-ey and much sweeter than donq’s which i don’t really mind. the crumbly top is just as amazing as donq’s!the bread was a no go for me though, i couldn’t finish it when there was no more filling left for me to have it with bc it was just too dry and not tasty enough to be eaten on it’s own 😪 not sure if i would get it again but definitely worth a try if u didn’t manage to get the donq one!:)

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