Pacamara never disappoints - this unique, well-balanced dish ($19.90) had a great combination of refreshing flavours. There was a generous amount of shredded crab meat, eggs were beautifully poached and hollandaise sauce was not too heavy. Unfortunately, as the avocado was chilled, the crab meat got cold quite quickly too. Dining at Pacamara is always a pleasant experience not only due to their great food and cafe ambience but also because their staff are just so friendly - today they offered me some filter coffee! I don't usually have my coffee black but I guess I have a new-found appreciation for it now :)

Haven't been to One Man Coffee in some time and I'm so glad I returned today to try this delightful dish! Thick, fluffy brioche with a generous amount of cheese on top, and a poached egg sitting within the toast (look at that beautiful egg peeking out of the toast! Right before I poked it and it became a glorious mess of yolk :P) One Man somehow seems to always get the portion of their food just right - cheese was not too overwhelming, brioche was accompanied by the right amount of candied bacon (which tasted like minced bak kwa). At just $10, this dish exceeded expectations (although I expected gas house eggS). Also had a matcha latte ($5), which was stronger and more fragrant than others I have tried.

One of d'Good Cafe's popular Deutsch skillet pancakes with pistachio, azuki beans, matcha dressing, a generous amount of mashed sweet potato and vanilla ice cream ($12). It's a rather unique and flavorful combination but I thought the sweet potato was a bit overwhelming sometimes - maybe because I didn't have it immediately when it was hot :x Also had the maple sea salt latte which was delicious!

Wendy introduced us to Books & Cranny as a studying spot because you could get good truffle fries when you get tired after studying haha. These truffle fries didn't exceed my expectations though especially since I like my truffle to be very strong :x but it's good for sharing when you're studying there with your friends!