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Separately ordered the unagi sushi from their menu, one of the worth to get sushi from the list. Cost at $4.93++ per plate, the unagi is overly sauced with teriyaki sauce. It would be great if it can just go without extra sauce. Overall, it is still worth to try.


It is quite garlicky when the dish is served, however, the fried chicken and fried garlic didn't blend together, leaving the crispy fried chicken just tasted well marinated instead of having the garlic's aroma.

The claypot rice is best to order in advanced together with table booking. I ordered the big size which can feed more than 3 persons with other dishes. Mixing it well with dark soy sauce and other ingredients such as Chinese sausage, chicken, salted fish and green vegetable. The smell was great mainly because of the presence of Chinese sausage and salted fish. I don't feel thirsty after meal.

Vegetarian fish soup noodle comes with generous ingredients. It tasted good and stomach filling.

With $3, I'd say this is a worthy bowl of pork noodle. I ordered sheng mien (looked like a handmade noodle) and cooked al-dente with generous ingredients such as minced pork meat, sliced pork meat, fishball and fishcake. Also, an egg. A combination of fish, chicken and pork in a bowl of noodle to satisfy the stomach.