Thank you friend @bryanoyos for introducing this to me, RM80 for this set of WHOLE chicken with refillable mushrooms and vegetables, that comes with house-made kimchi, rice balls/porridge, noodles and ice cream. (They even pay you RM2 for your parking in Starling, have you ever seen that??) A really hearty meal with a broth so fragrant I probably stunk of garlic 🙂 I enjoyed it so much for its thoughtful service and wholesome meal 🥰

#burpple #eatdrinkkl

Ive never been a cookie person and I never like how my own turn out, but this is my favorite cookie period - cinnamon, oats, chocolate, a slight bite of nuts, THIN AND CRISPY AND HUGEEE for RM6 Wheeee! And affordable latte for RM8! I’m definitely coming back to try their baked goods 😌 good food too on the post below 👇🏻 #burpple #eatdrinkkl