A filling spread for 2. Especially loved the concept of the rice served - first cooked for 11 mins, and the leftovers turned into a rice broth as a palate cleanser post meal. Vegatable wraps were fresh. Overall, a really satisfying meal!
54$ after charges.

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a good menu to try a little of everything, but quite a hefty bill of 89$ after charges as the portions are quite little. the soups did fill us up though!
the Dumplings I must say, taste so homely. would return for a comforting plate of salmon dumplings 😋


We got lucky with a fresh batch of bagel served to us! SO GOOD.
toasty exterior but a soft moist center. well balanced with a spread of cream cheese.
for $3.50, it is a steal and must order!

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A perfect oozy matcha center that reminds me of the Osulloc spread! Best eaten warm with the crusty, flaky outer pastry. Yums!

$5.50 per piece.

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The cream cheese sugar top might look cloying sweet, but it isn't! Great balance to the thick and fluffy bread with swirls of cinnamon within.
Worth a 3.20$ treat.

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Chicken ginseng soup ($9.50) x Beef set ($7).
Worth every penny! The soup was so full of ingredients, this bowl can easily cost 20/30$+ at regular korean restaurants. There was half a chicken included.

Beef was well marinated, tender.
Both dishes came with rice.
10/10 would make this a regular lunch spot if I worked nearby.