If you’re a cheese lover, I highly recommend their cheese tonkatsu! Almost tastes like a mix of mozza and cream cheese, so yum

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Generous portions of meat & carbs in this bowl 😋 loved the sauce as well!

Rly like the hollandaise sauce used in this dish!! One of the better dishes in their all day breakfast menu.

Wouldn’t get it without burpple beyond though 🙂

Was pleasantly surprised by the quality & tastiness of these pancakes!! At first I wasn’t getting the hype of this pancake shop and thought it was merely due to it being newly opened in town. But you have to try it!! Was lucky enough not to get caught in too long of a queue but these pancakes were worth the half an hour wait :)

Don’t let the simplicity (in terms of looks) of this dish fool you; the lemongrass broth was a winner for me. Just the right amount of tanginess from the lemongrass and the Seabass came in a generous portion too 😋 if you love tomyum, check out this dish! Defo recommend this dish for a healthier alternative at Perch :)

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Good ambience & decent food.

Had to wait awhile for the salmon bowl and when it arrived, it was kinda underwhelming for the time spent waiting for it (~20min?) because of how little ingredients the bowl had but the butter rice made up for it, loved the creaminess of the rice!

Dbl cheeseburger came in a generous size as well with fries at the side. Only found out later on that we could have opted for curly fries just that the waiter didn’t inform us :(

Overall good experience & would come back again!

Wish I’d known the pork was gonna be fatty before I ordered it 🥺

Not a fan of fatty meat but if you are then this might be down your alley!

The bowl was great tho, interesting ingredients & yummy sauce. Would visit again!

Was initially really excited to dine here but the food was disappointing 😕

The pasta was overly salty & the prawn didn’t look + taste fresh at all.

Burger was okay! But fries weren’t great.

Pretty underwhelming food

Avo toast was yummy & came with 2 generous poached eggs atop 😋

Truffle egg mayo was average; croissant was dry.

Matcha soy latte was tasteless without any added sugar/sweetener

Portion sizes of both dishes were pleasantly good (bigger than expected) which made it more worth the price 😋 (no gst too if I’m not wrong!)

White cold brew was ~yummy~ altho the downside is that it’s pricey!

Would come back again to try out more items on their menu :-)

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~$11.50 each with the 1 for 1 pasta promo!

Wouldn’t pay the full price for it cos the portion is towards the smaller side & the pasta wasn’t that flavourful (too little garlic in aglio olio?) so thankfully we got it at half price :)

They were extremely generous w their sauce for the special salmon sashimi don!!

Got 2 special salmon sashimi don & 2 unagi don. Redeemed w burpple beyond and paid just $30 for everything 😋

Highly recommend!