Loved them both! Super flavorful and generous with their portions. Definitely recommend it!

I almost cancelled this cause i had to wait for 20 minutes for it and i was being an impatient.

What a pleasant surprise! The hot lava flowing into the pistachio crumbs. And the pandan ice cream blended well too! Sooooo gooood!

Damage: $12
Verdict: 7.5/10

I am a wonton noodles addict and i think this is really yummy! The soup is super duper yummy! I love it!

The queue of 45 mins is totally worth it.

Damage: $4 (for big plate)
Verdict: 9/10

I realllllllly liked this dish. The salted egg was not overly empowering so didnt feel gross after eating awhile. And although the sauce was not too thick, it didnt feel flavorless.

The chicken was well done too. But i think i didnt pay so much attention to it since the noodles was good enough :D

Damage: $16.90 (ouch!)
Verdict: 7/10


The waffles ($5) were heavy and tasteless unfortunately. Wanted to try the sweet potato waffles but it was $9.50! Abit too expensive for our wallets

Ice creams were sold separately @ $4/premium flavor.
1: Earl Grey - Was good, except that it wasnt frozen enough!
2: Taro - We enjoyed it!

Damage: $13
Verdict: 5/10

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This taste exactly lime the chicken rice in noodles form! The vhili os great too!

Chilli Crab Pasta gives you a whole sof shell crab!


Price: $9.90

I always pass by this place when im walking to the train station. And i finally had a reason to last week!

This place lets you pick your choice of salmon topping (mentaiko/garlic/poke etc.) and a base (noodles/rice etc.) With options to upsize as well.

Wanted to try the garlic shoyu salmon, but it ran out so i tried the mentaiko salmon.

Very well done on the salmon and mentaiko. Loved the flavor. Just didnt like the rice which i felt was slightly undercooked.

Id definitely wanna try the garlic shoyu the next round!


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Price: $13 Nett

Pan fried chicken + teriyaki cream + onions

Very interesting taste. Tasted like sweet carbonara. Plus the fact that it was the cheapest signature pasta. It has got to be a yay for me!

Verdict 7.5/10

Price: $16 Nett

One of their best sellers! But i felt that the flavor was alright. Slightly blend. And too little scallops for me.

Verdict: 6/10

Food is good and reasonably priced. Came here cause it was the cheapest option we could find in south beach. But it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The sauce was just nice. Not too blend or overpowering. However, ingredients could have been slightly more generous on the portion.

Verdict: 7/10


My first review has got to be this.
I usually dont do reviews unless the food is fantastic or not so fantastic. This has to be the latter.

Verdict: 2.5/5

Pulled pork burger was dry and salty. Barely any butter on the plain bun. I reckon the best part of the dish was the fries and salad. Probably ran out of BBQ sauce or something.

The chicken and yolk dish had our jaws dropped with its presentation and serving size. It looked amazing and thats bout it. Just looked amazing. Although chicken was crispy, the salted yolk gravy tasted flat and pretty much destroyed the dish. Could've been the highlight on the menu if they improve on the gravy flavoring.

Honestly, we needed condiments to finish this dish :/