The sauce was rich and nice and went well with the texture of the linguine. The food was really tasty though the portions were small. Was great value with the use of 1 for 1 via Burpple Beyond.

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Had the chance to try Datuk Wong roast pork and it was amazing! Crispness of the skin and the fattiness of the meat burst like flavour crystals when you chew on it. The sauce from the meat goes well with rice. One plate is not enough.
Watching Datuk Wong cut his meat to great proportions was nice to watch. The size is really quite right.
Do queue early as they sell out fast and servings take long. Check out the back alley where the good pork is made.

Nicely balanced braised duck that is not too salty. Paired with the delicious buttered rice. Heard they would be opening in Singapore.

An interesting hole in the wall cafe with champion barista. The matcha was interesting with a nice mix of coffee. Refreshing to take from the heat of KL.

The chilli was spicy be sure to just add a dollop. The texture of the noodle was done aldente. Super value for money and tasty noodles when balanced with the awesome chilli.

Back again after close to a year. Nice and saucy black sauce wanton noodle with tasty char siew. Comfortable to eat for a morning drive.

Very interesting coffee art. Nice perk me up coffee if you are around the Wisma atria

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Bringing authentic sushi ya experience to Singapore. Chef Ueda presented this tasty dish. Lightly grilled abalone with abalone liver paste. The flavours of the paste was buttery and went very well the abalone. An extremely pleasant dish. With the addition of some sushi rice right after with the paste the experience was unforgettable. Highly recommend


Exquisite taste and pleasant experience in the Omakase by chef Ueda. The Uni was briefly smoked and perfectly balanced with abit of salt. The intricacy and art of cooking exhibited in every dish. Bringing in great flavours of Japan.

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Nice ondeh ondeh cake which was not overly sweet. Paired with tangy mango tart, it was quite a good mix of flavours. With Beyond 1 for 1 deal makes for a valuable experience to be able to try both without breaking the bank.


Surprisingly tasty with a nice touch of spiciness in the Laksa sauce. Good food to pair with beer

With beyond and 1 for 1 the meal was super for value. Ambience was nice and Fish & chips were not too deep fried. Fries had Cajun spices. Good option for toddlers at Esplanade area