5/5. Dug leg was fall-off-the-bone tender, and super juicy. Coriander rice and accompanying salsa were also very tasty. Flavours complemented each other very well

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Paid $18nett for this using Chope vouchers (it included a really nice honey drink too). 9/10, the wagyu burger was a big size, and very juicy with a nice beefy savoury taste. It paired really well with the curry, which was rich (thanks to the cheese) and a bit smoky (since it was torched). Very pleasing combination of flavours! Would still be worth it at its usual price of $21.


This was super filling! Really loved the rosti, mushrooms, and the eggs - all simple components but well done. Next time though I'd rather get the sausage than the smoked salmon. 4/5!

Another starter dish that looks so unassuming and yet turned out to be fantastic! The fried plantains were nor greasy at all, the batter surrounding it was thin and crisp. The plantains itself were mellow and sweet, bur the seasoning on top gave it a nice savoury kick to balance the natural sweetness of the plantains.

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A really great and flavourful starter that's great for sharing! A really simple dish yet an absolute flavour bomb! Highly recommended!!

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Really great hot chocolate with a nice spicy kick to it from the cayenne and paprika! Really smooth, thick, and rich! The first sip really blew me away!! Would definitely go back for this :)

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This alcohol-free drink ($11) was sooo good, everyone at the table wanted to order it twice! Made with coconut cream, pineapple, lime and Vanilla - this was really a delicious and refreshing light tropical drink that's perfect for sipping by the beach.

Great beach restaurant that serves good Spanish food (though a bit pricey). The Patatas Bravas is easily one of their more 'instagram-worthy' tapas dishes, and tasty too!! The Aliolo and Brava sauce were a great combination.

They offer multiple flavours of tonkatsu (original, cheese, garlic, black pepper, ume, yuzu kosho) which is really unique in Singapore imo. You can get sets or order multiple flavours alacarte - would recommend the latter to try diff flavours :) My personal fave was yuzu kosho which was light, refreshing and slightly spicy; or the garlic which was uber savoury!!

They only do sweet pancakes in one style (no customisation) but with good reason - this is really one dish that will make everybody happy! For something as unassuming as a brunch pancake, I felt every element on the plate was purposely thought out and well-executed. The pancakes themselves were light, oh-so-soft, fluffy, and not too eggy. The crunchy flaked almonds adds a fun twist, giving really interesting texture to the dish. The berry sauce was tart, and when paired with the rich cream cheese whip, balances each other out. Eaten all together and you have a winner - overall 10/10!!

Had their Legendary burger, and was really wowed by the savoury taste and tenderness of the Angus beef patty! The cheese fries were also some of the best that I've tried in Singapore. The Hard Rock Cafe is an icon and though it may be past its heyday here it definitely still has thag distinct atmosphere and ambience that other restaurants don't have. Also, a great place away from the crowds in Orchard!

One of the better negronis in Singapore. Really love the ambience of this place and the look of the bar - have tried a few of their unique gins and it's definitely an experience! As a gin lover myself, this bar is definitely a keeper.