This patisserie had quite a range of pastries to choose from!! Had a hard time deciding on one but I'm a brioche kind of girl...Got the orange custard brioche that was packed full of flavors that go together. Would recommend this place if you're looking for somewhere chill and quiet to hang out at :-)

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Got the Premium Tempura Cold Soba ($15.30) and boy was it good. The soba noodles had a springy texture and came with a generous amount of seaweed & tempura bitss of garnishing. This set had 7 types of tempura to munch on. Would recommend!! :-)

Such a comforting + affordable bowl of Gyudon (beef bowl). It had a good beef to rice ratio and sauce was really generous and tasty too! Brings back so much memories of my schooling days :p

#teamcarbs πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Love that this rendition of M&C had the right amount of cheesiness to it, accompanied by subtle hints of truffle. Wasn't jelat at allπŸ‘Œ

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Sanpoutei is one of my go to places for good ramen. Soul nourishing for a cold wet rainy day 🀀Expect a queue especially during peak hours though. Also, they don't do reservations. But plus points for being located right smack outside Holland v station exit B. Much convenience for someone lazy like me πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Toasted brioche buns + thicc juicy Ayam, lathered with green chilli sambal was quite the bomb ($24.80). Served with fries on the side that was just the right amount of salty and crispy too! Would recommend πŸ’―


Ice shaken lemon tea - $6
Iced chai latte - $7.50

Just a regular cup of ice lemon tea that I feel is slightly overpriced. Nothing to fancy about lemon tea.

On a side note, happy that these drinks came with paper straws instead of plastic ones.

What a refreshing take on Pumpkin soup!! This hearty bowl of Thai Pumpkin Soup -$9.80, is true to it's name. It is packed with layers of lemon grass, Thai chilli (expect a lil kick if you're not good with spicy food) and of course pumpkin. Really enjoyed this bowl of soup and 10/10 would recommend πŸ’―πŸ‘

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Tried the Mentaiko Salmon Cream Omo Rice ($15.90). Rice was buttery and nicely textured, cream not too rich and jelat. Portion was huge. There was a light hint of the perilla(?) leaf that I felt complemented the creaminess of the dish. Overall would recommend.

I love anything tamago! Ordered the 5 kind dashimaki tamago skewers - Tomato, seaweed, salmon, mentai mayo and zuwaigani. An easy side to share when dining in a group. My fav was the mentai mayo. Least favorite was zuwaigani.

Love this hidden gem near bishan stadium. A nice chill place to treat yourself after a good workout! Decided to try the Salmon aglio olio ($14.90), comes with teriyaki sauce on the side. Didn't quite like the way the salmon was done but pasta was pretty tasty. My fiance got the chicken chop tomyum pasta ($11.90) instead, turned out pretty legit & flavourful - got a kick!

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Pardon the half empty bowl of tattle tots! Highly addictive and a good side to share. The portion was generous as well - had to da bao back as we couldn't finish. The service staff was v friendly and did not charge for the extra packaging!

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