I will lever stop obsessing over their beef chilli grilled cheese. I have ordered it way too many times to count and it has been amazing every time. The hype is real.

The waffles are good too and the portions are definitely american diner style. It’s a very nice vibe and aesthetic.

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Love everything about this cafe/bar. The ambience, the food, the drinks, it’s all amazing. The shakshouka and the waffles are probably the best ones I have tried in sg. It’s amazing and the portions are huge. Though pricey, I would say it’s worth it.

I had been waiting to go this cafe for a very long time but it was a bit of a disappointment. Their menu can be a little limited and there are much better brunch options nearby for a similar price range.

The service was good but wouldn’t be keen on going here again.

I have been here many times and not once have I skipped the truffle fries.

Comparatively, the pricer are steeper but there are definitely cheaper bars around. The food is good but it’s not amazing. The soju beer tower is another one that’s not available at mainstream bars but it’s a game changer.

They have good music, good vibes, and a rustic looking theme. Would recommend

I have already been here twice and I would go again. The food is very good. So far I have tried the shakshouka, banana caramel french toast, and rosti. All of them were amazing.

Even though it’s a little on the pricier side, it is worth every cent. Make sure to make a reservation as they are a smaller cafe so you might have to wait

I have been here countless number of times and it has never once disappointed me. It’s a very pretty bar/restaurant with vintage posters over the walls.

The food is absolutely amazing for the price. 4 pax ate well for about $90 which is very reasonable considering we ordered more than one dish each. My favourites are the chicken quesadillas, bacon and shrimp aglio olio.

It would be better to make a reservation on fridays or weekends as it gets quite packed. They have outdoor and indoor seating.

We ordered the carbonara, french toast, truffle fries, watermelon cooler juice, and an iced chocolate(not sure). It’s definitely on the pricier side considering it’s at dempsey but it’s a very nice place.

The concept is based around a home kitchen so they have an open kitchen which is in the layout and design of a home kitchen. They also sell some drinkware which is really pretty. It’s decorated in a vintage style and the place is a treat to the eyes. The food was good although I would definitely want bigger portions.

It’s a lesser known place so if you hate crowds, this is where you go.

One of the best scrambled eggs I have had. They were very fluffy and well made. Everything in the picture amounted up to around $70. It includes the ham and cheese toast, curry pasta w chicken katsu, truffle fries, and an iced hazelnut latte.

Although the food was good, the coffee could be better. The hazelnut was not very prominent. Other than that, good cafe, nice vibe. Would visit again