the food and ambience was great! One main, one side and one drink costs $17 which is reasonable for me. the portion was huge and would totally recommend trying the fried pierogi dumpling! they also have a free side of bean sprout which tasted normal. enjoyed my time there and would come again!

8/10 for the flavour! got the ferraro as well and it’s not bad. would recommend trying the pistachio flavour.

8/10 for the food and ambience. Went there for their happy hours where each oyster go for $2. We ordered a dozen and all the oysters were huge and fresh! We also ordered their fish and chips which is hands down, probably the best fish and chips i’ve ever tasted. would definitely come back again!

7/10 for the flavours and ambience. the cafe is located in the neighbourhood and easy to access! the waffle is very fluffy and i made a great choice pairing it with their salted caramel ice cream🤤 would definitely come back again.

8/10 for the food and amazing service! the staff there were attentive and friendly:) We had the seafood bag for two person and fish and chips on the side. Both tasted amazing and would definitely come back again!

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went there during their happy hours where the oysters were $1.50 each! oysters were small but very fresh. also tried the fish and chips as well as the lobster roll. Both tasted amazing🤤 definitely will go back again:)

The food was good and the army stew is a must try! ambience is perfect for a little gathering with friends to catch up:)

overall 7/10 for food and ambience! there is a free flow salad bar which serves sides like scrambled eggs, pudding and DIY salad!

best kbbq place ever! food and ambience is 10/10 <3 love their choice of song playlists haha. price is reasonable for the quality of the meat !! highly recommend to try the kimchi pancakes and jjampong:)

great service and ambience. got the 1 for 1 deal for the mentaiko pasta ($15+) and salmon mentaiko don ($19+). flavours were good, especially if you love mentaiko, but the portion quite small. perfect for a quick snack i suppose!

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