Definitely tasty but was expecting the scallops to be bigger and thicker

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Can’t rmb the name of the dish but so interesting! The bone marrow is breaded and the scallops so plump! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

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Pretty good! Another bone marrow would be great. Squid ink is pretty strong.

Looks great but I’m not sure about the combination. Hash and duck taste great separately

Loveeeee their pasta! Def would go for their homemade pasta $3 additional. However thought it could use more crabby taste.

Everything for a whooping price of $28? I was real good but def on the pricey side. I really love the buns they used.

Pizza crust was mama Mia! Every bite had the right amount of salami, cheese and crust

They were big and plump! You won’t regret getting them!

Very interesting delicious savoury sweet dessert. Knafeh. The experience was amazing. If there’s another event of such, you have got to go!

An aperitif. Had this when I was in Greece! Drink it with ice and water. Goes well with the food as it is not too heavy

Got the spicy feta cheese spread and the white cod spread. Ahhhh. The white cod won.