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Fish Fingers @ $13.90 The fish was fresh and it wasn't any other kind of frozen fish fingers. I liked how the batter was soft and crispy. The dip too matched really well with the fish. The only flaw would be that it's too oily as I could feel oil seeping with every bite.
Kaya, Coffee Butter’ ($9.50) – buttered and toasted white bread with a generous spread of kaya, made with luscious gula melaka, and a thick slice of fridge-cold coffee-flavoured butter! You are recommended to eat it the old-schooo way, by dipping the kaya toast in the accompanying saucer of sous vide eggs and espresso shoyu (soy sauce). A dessert that I think all of us enjoyed immensely! Prinsep Street’s resident café-restaurant Curious Palette will be unveiling a new menu with expanded offerings, including a host of sophisticated creations showcasing Asian flavours and methods, following the café’s collaboration with Magic Square alumnus, Chef Desmond Shen. I am already looking forward to try the Cray Roll, the Beef shortribs and this dessert (again... and again)! . . . . . [hosted] #curiouspalatte
The Cray Roll That’s Tastier Than Some Lobster Rolls ($19.90) H O S T E D I would order this again at the drop of a hat. Although it was a last minute addition to the tasting menu, the Cray Roll blew my mind the moment I bit into it. Served warm, the brioche bun was unbelievably soft and buttery, and went perfectly with the gloriously rich stuffing of chunks of crayfish tumbled together with ebikko and fried capers in prawn mayo. On the side was a pile of some really decent fries.
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