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Can't wait for the weekend of Christmas gatherings to begin! 💃

It's basically a homemade you tiao baguette, with curry chicken fillings! 😱 really yummy, couldn't stop saying that

This is extremely good I couldn't stop going at it despite having a huge fried chicken thigh and waffle to finish.

Thankyou @elmochou for painstakingly going through a huge detour to get me these babies! In love with the colors, the champagne and passionf strawberry are glittered! The hk landmarks box is so pretty in pink too! Could not remember the flavors I've chosen, will only know when I bite into them slowly!

Kept mouthing "so good this is so damn good" as I wolfed down every bit of goodness while @elmochou was still busy with his 'artistic' photo taking. The sour dough bread, the red apples giving it the sweetness, and the red cabbage 😱 shouldn't have traded half my sandwich!

Finally get to try their waffles, and it is indeed really yummy! Had their chocolate molten cake too which I scrap every last bit of the bowl! It was a lovely evening 😋