Very soft cod and the crispy skin was so good.

Happy hour before 7. Tried the cicada sling, the sourness was just right. The cicada nori tacos were great appetisers. Flavours were not overpowering. Each flavour, foie gras, beef bulgogi and salmon had their own unique taste and combition with the nori. Great place for a date. Can get quite noisy when it is a full house.

I find the ice cream a tad too sweet but well, it's an ice cream. Maybe will go for the sorbet the next time :)

The bread was really soft. Sauces were not overly sweet. Strawberries were not sour at all. Quite a hearty portion for breakfast.

Great coffee. To me is just the right amount of acidity.

Dalgona latte was pricey. Probably will stick to regular coffee latte. For insta and ambience, definitely yes.

Bursting with flavours with wagyu, truffle, scallop, unagi and more. There is a side of wasabi for a hint of spiciness.

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The mango sago wasn't sour after an unpleasant experience at another chain restaurant. It was just the right amount of sweetness and cool enough. One of my favourite mango sago. Vanilla ice cream was also a good pairing with the cooled putu hitum. Will be back again~~~

้ฆ™่พฃ้ฑผ. good ambience and took the mild spicy one. Is just right for me.