worst jasmine milk tea i’ve tried… tasted like milk powder water, taste of tea was faint and barely existent. even itea / liho’s green milk tea tastes better. pearls tasted overcooked.


Mushroom bruschetta - $8++ for 4 pieces , not worth the full price . Bread was slightly soggy from the liquid of the mushroom .

Spicy salami pizza - tasted like an average pepperoni pizza with a strong tomato base . Crust was chewy but weirdly salty . Pizza worth the try but would go for anothsr flavour in future .

Baked chicken and mushroom penne in a truffle cream base !! Added the truffle pate (+3.90) but didn’t do much to the dish , skip it . Pasta was done al dente with a very strong truffle flavour ! Loved it but got gelat real quick so would advise to share !

Bought this bird chili pasta and burnt ends! Trying both dishes, i can vouch that their meat are a must-try. While the meat here is strong, unfortunately the pasta is so so.

But defo would recco burnt ends!

mulberry kombucha
10% sugar with grape kanten pearls
very mild kombucha , wished it was stronger but it still tasted great !
faint grape taste for the pearls , tastes more like normal white pearls because it got overpowered by the drink itself .

Homely feels and good food. I bought a large bowl with a set and changed the drinks for another side. Worth the money

Prices are comparable to other bbt shops out there but the difference is the owner are very welcoming and enthisiastic for us to try out their drinks! Super worth it :) will visit again

Most of the drinks cost less than $5 for large sized drink. A good alternative from those famous bbt drinks out there