got the kimchi bacon egg roll, spicy chicken stew and squid&leek pancake! favourite out of 3 is definitely the stew which had a good balance between spicy, sweet and savoury. pancake was also nice and crispy! would have liked a bit more bacon in the egg roll but it was pretty good too. shoutout to the service staff, they were really attentive and friendly!

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got the purple rice yogurt and passionfruit yo-tea! purple rice yogurt was simple but well done, really liked the chewiness of the rice! passionfruit was good too, quite refreshing and the sourness of the fresh fruit went well with the creamy yogurt! although i couldnt really taste the tea haha but it was a fun drink to treat myself to and the cup is very big too!

really yummy food with cozy vibes! pork ribs are really fall-off-the-bone like the other reviews say, and liked that the meat was still so flavourful too! mac&cheese had a really fragrant truffle taste and had loads of other ingredients too. overall my favourite was the chilli cheese fries, the fries just came hot and crunchy and the chilli and cheese sauce was such a good combination, and the portion is freaking huge !!!! overall i went home w a happy food baby hehe next time i would defo save space to try their desserts!

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Got the yuzu chicken, foie gras & miso pasta and truffle fries! really liked the yuzu chicken, the meat was super juicy (even the breast meat!) and the yuzu glaze was a refreshing sweetness :) fries had a light truffle taste, portion was super generous for the price! foie gras & miso pasta was okay, i felt like the miso taste could be stronger! but overall great experience, cozy atmosphere and friendly service (they gave a free drink!) would come back to try the desserts, especially the chocolate dome which i saw other people smash and that looked really fun :D