Forget burger & lobster, you must try this cheese baked lobster when you visit phuket ❤️


This toast’s legit name is called the President toast, given the fact that the yummy butter spread is the president butter brand. Generous layers of salty butter vs the sweet kaya. Hefty price of RM6.90 for a toast but pair this with their coffee and this duo would make the perfect tea time combo.


People! You have to go to this place! They serve an array of burgers and pizzas for a really good deal. I ordered the half & half 14 inch pizza for RM 40 ish. It’s located in a hidden part of damansara and it’s also halal by the way! Highly recommend the truffle pizza!


Awfully disappointed at Bistro benji’s. The soup was mega salty and I couldn’t even pass the half way point. Pretty decent portion but not so decent for the price being at RM22.

A messy number but really interesting flavour as the sauce is made from Guinness stout.

Rm25, portion wise was a good size 💁🏼

I’ve tasted Laduree’ in a few countries, but nothing beats the ones that taste in paris ❤️


I’ve been seeing Two pesos around a few places in the Klang valley, always always a long line and was always curious as to what they serve. So, I finally mustered uo the courage to try this place out, with a little to no expectation. To my suprise, this place was actually not bad! I ordered the seafood pot + yee mee + water and i was only RM 22. Cheapest steamboat that I have eaten by far as I shared this portion, making it RM 11 per person. I am all about them milky soup, and I personally found it quite tasty! Not too sure about the other pots but it sure does smell good.

Really surprised with how this icecream tasted just like any other ice cream! Not the biggest fan of the vegan cone tho.

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Burgerlab had a 1 hour waiting line, so we decided to try out this place instead. Really affordable, non halal version of boat noodle. This was about RM11.90 and while it's super value for money but tastewise, it was very mediocre. The cha yen was good tho and it was only RM 5.90 if I'm not mistaken which is super cheap, comparing with boat noodle!