Ordered these items for the 1-for-1 set
-2 chicken bacon pie
-Matcha latte
-Ice latte

Eclairs are not bad but generally falls on the sweeter side. Matcha latte quite decent and comfy to drink in an Aircon setting 🤤
Ice latte though, a tad too milky for my liking, would prefer if coffee was more pronounced as it's abit diluted.

Chicken bacon pie on the other hand tasted surprisingly yummy! Wasn't expecting much but the not only the crust is nice, the ingredients were aplenty in that abit petite looking pie 🤤🤤 but tbh, standing at $12 a small pie is very expensive.. so get the set to try!

All in all super worth to get the set (chicken bacon pie highly recommended lol)

Will come back again for the pie lol

p.s hopefully next time burpple deals can include pies too

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1for1 only for regular M sized drinks under Tea fresh.

Ordered Manuka Honey Tea + Coconut milktea

Sugar level fixed for Manuka. Taste was refreshing for a hot day. Not too sweet as well.

Coconut milk tea is ice-blended along with other ingredients like ice cream, tea, gula melaka and creamer etc. Overall taste not bad, a rich n creamy drink. Just wished the coconut taste will be more prominent, can't really taste coconut which is a pity.

Will be back to try other drinks!

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Ordered matcha waffles.
Got plain waffles instead then went to check with staff. Female staff in short hair was rather nonchalant and defensive abt the plain waffles (didn't believe they got the wrong order and came over our table to check the waffles). Thereafter took back the waffles to redo. Waited again but pandan coconut came instead. Honestly I really cannt understand why keep giving us wrong orders?
There's a diff btw matcha and pandan no? Anyways I give up asking them to redo my matcha waffles cuz I'm pretty sure it will be wrong AGAIN.
Also ordered ice coffee and it came only like 20-30mins later? Very bad experience won't come back again.
Annoyed much and forgot to take photo lol 🙄


Uncommon place for an acai bowl (inside food opera). Got the set consisting a small size acai bowl and a cold brew tea. Acai itself still not bad not very sweet but serving is rather small.. very expensive without burpple... Staff is nice and friendly

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Appalled by the shrinkage of cheesecake size.🙄🙄🙄 Nowadays CnF cheesecake is only the size of my pinky finger, can't even barely feed my friend's 3yr old kid.
Taste wise not bad for over the moon, but not worth to pay 5.90 ala carte for such a small piece of cake (if not for Burpple). Would v much rather buy Starbucks cakecake more expensive but at least taste good n worth for money.

Empress pasta was nice, Cajun chicken pomodoro okay.
Ordered 2x lotus treasure and according to description there's creamy rice, meat, vegetables like carrot and onion topped with cheese. I was expecting a hearty meal but other than the melty cheese, rest of the ingredients are miserable. Meat is pathetic at 3 pieces n appears somewhat similar to those canned meat. Rice was quite dry (not creamy as stated). Vegetables are missing. This dish costs 20 bucks without Burpple? I would very much rather eat my trusty economic rice. Sadly will not come back again even with Burpple, as food is super overpriced but quality n quantity is not there.