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I must say this cup is quite different from what the rest of the tea shops has. The pearls are softer and the brown sugar complements the fresh milk in a caramelised sweetness.


Great place for weekend breakfast away from the crowd!

I love it that the food is consistent. Coffee is great every time!

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A4 Wagyu Steak (which have seem to shrunk in size)
Scallops and Cauliflower
Tori Take Roll
Truffle Somen

A very satisfying and juicy slab of kurobuta loin. The ton jiru was earthy and flavorful. Decked with a side of chilled shredded cabbage, a great way to to have protein and fiber if you want to pass the carbs.

Service was prompt and attentive.

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Nice place for a weekend breakfast and coffee was good too!

Butter milk waffles with fresh fruits and Greek yogurt was light and healthy! You could choose it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if having as a dessert. Greek yogurt was a great choice for breakfast for the protein and fat!

Shashuka was flavorful and not overly heavy.

Grilled cheese was very light and airy with a great salad company. Not dense at all! Nice!

The coffee that we had was “magic”, supposedly a stronger blend compared to the regular latte yet not piccolo. It was good!

I think this will be a nice breakfast hangout to return to. And the staff (lady) was extremely friendly and helpful. 👍🏻

Very nicely done!

Salted right, it was done nicely medium rare and very juicy and smoky.

Good job guys.

But your affogato was really quite pathetic!

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Very nicely done sirloin for a casual weekend meal.

Supposed to be protein weekend but succumbed to an extra order of a blue swimmer crab pasta which was heaped with a generous serve of crab flesh meat.

My 3rd visit and each time with different surprises. Chef never fails to bring different taste and visual delights to the table.

This is definitely a highly recommended place to return.