Great place for dinner! This is our first time actually. Fantastic food and service. Thanks to Burpple Beyond, I get to try out this place! Before digging in to some paella we’ve got these nicely seared prawns and grilled octopus - couldn’t go better with a glass of sauv blanc. We had a nice evening here in OLA and will defo come back again

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I have to say the ramen here is pretty tasty! I’ve had the spicy toroniku. You can adjust your own spiciness and choose types of noodles out of 3. And don’t forget to order a cup of green tea hot yuzu, they goes pretty well together.

We went for the staff’s recommendation when it comes to appetizer and honestly I’m not a seafood fan but this was a delish order. Crispy fried calamari dipped in with their sweet chilly 😋

We enjoyed the food here. Service is fantastic too. Proper chilled spot with some yummy Thai food.

Ok - as a Taiwanese id say food is not bad but not as good as 東方美 (the breakfast shop ya can see anywhere in Taiwan)

Yet it does get my nostalgia fixed though. I find the price a little bit too pricy for a sandwich and drink combo. But I have to say their milk tea is pretty good. Would I recommend? 🤔

Yes after all it worths a try!

We came on a Friday night and it was pretty empty. Ambiance is a top notch without much saying but I can’t deny that food is pretty amazing too to be fair. We ordered a few dishes to share but they were too good to be waited with a snap of photo.

Highly recommend this pork and scallop dish. Pardon my bad memory as I can’t rmb the dish name, but this is a must order!! Me and my partner both enjoyed it a lot.

Friendly staff (or owner). Lunch queue is mad! Grilled chicken is not bad, but I’m not particular fan of the blue rice I think. Will come back to try other stuff though :)

I don’t normally write a review straight after my food. But I have to say the ramen here is pretty good. I ordered the red tonkutsu ramen, I request for less spicy - it was a sensation!

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Generous portion and fresh ingredients! I have enjoyed my first try 😋


I know they are more famous for their Rossi, but I gotta say I really enjoyed their pasta dishes especially Vongole & crabmeat pasta. Great serving portion too!


Pretty impressed with the dishes here! Thanks to Burpple Beyond I get to try out this place. The sliced beef phos are proper portions and very tasty. What’s also the must order here is the fried spring rolls!

One more thing to highlight is the staff is pretty friendly and helpful 🙌🏻 We had a great lunch there!

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Lovely spot to fix your sweet tooth! The drinks are so cute too - don’t just look pretty they are refreshing! We had one pumpkin & one passionfruit flavor. Will come back and try others soon ☺️

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