Enjoyed my meal here. Beef was cooked right infront of us, to our preferred done-ness. The set comes with soup, chawanmushi and an onsen egg. I especially loved the chawanmushi, custard-like texture instead of the usual watery type. Portion-wise, it was just nice for a big eater like me. There’s a premium version of the bowl with wagyu beef @ $29.90, but I’m already very satisfied with the “cheaper” bowl. Will sure be back for the premium bowl when I’m feeling rich!

Crispy garlic bread with generous amount of cream cheese fillings. I’m in love! 🥰 Highly recommended! Added to my list of favourite breads! 😋

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Was pleasantly surprised by how tasty and crispy this tendon was! Loved every piece of the tempura, especially the sweet potato and mixed vegetable piece! Will definitely be back to try other varieties of tendon.

Used Burpple for this meal. It was very worth it as it included 2 x vegetables tendon, 2 x miso soup (pathetic amount of soup thou), 1 x fried chicken skin with wasabi mayo & 2 x mineral water, all for $16.80 nett.

I especially loved the Lemon Yakult. 👍🏻 If I remember correctly, there is bottle/jug version for the drinks at $8. Highly recommend both drinks to pair with the spicy food that this restaurant offers.

Was intimidated by the exterior of this restaurant but decided to try it after walking past quite a few times. 😂

The frogs were fried before being stir fried with the red and green pepper broth. Quite a generous amount of frogs given, just nice for 2 big eaters to eat with rice. I especially love the garlics that were being stir fried with the frogs, so soft that they melted in my mouth 🤤

Highly recommended! Will definitely be back to try other flavours, including the soup versions.

Portion is huge but very pricey at $12.80++. Oily but yummy 😋

Very worth it at $18.80++ for a good sized fish, just nice for 2 pax. Was surprised to find some instant noodles hidden under the fish, which soaked up all the mala broth, so sinfully good! Fish was relatively fresh as well. Will be back!

My favourite Chinese dish! Very flavourful and portion given is quite generous, but it’s quite pricey at $12.80++. Taste very good with rice. Will order again whenever I’m craving for something garlicky. 😋

My new favourite bread from Donq! Don’t be fooled by how “plain” this looks, it was so flavourful! Used to buy the mentaiko baguette every time I visit Donq, decided to try this on one occasion and hooked on ever since! 😂 Highly recommended!

My usual favourite mini cheese cake, in chocolate flavour! To be honest, can’t taste much of the chocolate. But still yummy due to the melt-in-your-mouth sensation. 👌🏻

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Very flavourful and delicious ramen with ordering system similar to in Japan, whereby you fill in your preferences like the hardness of the noodles on a order sheet. Chose light soup for my ramen but it ended up being a little too savoury towards the end. Nevertheless, still an enjoyable bowl of ramen that I’ll be back for more!

My kind of food. Enjoyed every mouthful of this. Generous amount of sauce, with enough leftovers to eat with the garlic toast after finishing the spaghetti. 100% will order again!

Used Burpple 1 for 1 for this meal. Very very worth it as prices are Nett.

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