The Fried Carrot Cake was fried with generous amounts of oil and eggs which gives out a nice garlicky aroma. You can taste the savoury and spiciness of the chilli after first bite.

The crispy burnt of the eggs garnished with the preserved radish, all caramelizing well together with the carrot cake cubes. The cubes were really soft and fried into very small sizes which you can almost melt them in the mouth.

Surprisingly, it was not too oily or salty and I emptied it in minutes as they are simply irressistible.

Address: Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3, #01-45, S120448, Clementi Food Centre
Operating Hours: 6am to 6pm ( Closed on Monday )

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Tau pok & youtiao are nice & crisp with lots of peanuts for $3.50.

Find the shrimp paste sauce to be slightly sweet but tasty.

Address: Blk 449 Clementi Avenue 3 #01-211, S120449
Opening Hours: 930am – 730pm. (Closed on Sun)

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Poolside cafe
It's one of the most underrated cafe with good food, great air conditioning ambience & affordable pricing.

They offers a wide varieties of dishes from local cuisines, Nasi Lemak, Zhi char dishes to western cuisines with pricing starting from $6.50.

We orders cheesy bacon pizza, fish & chip, rosemary chicken, red wine chicken plus 4 drinks. All for just $46.90 with gst & no servicing charge. Have always enjoy our weekend brunch here.

Address : Poolside Cafe (The Chevrons)
48 Boon Lay Way S609961

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Was invited to Feng Shui Inn, RWS - Equarius Hotel for a Buffet Dim Sum lunch.

Discover Cantonese cuisine taken to a whole new level of refinement and flavour by celebrated Chef Li.

They offers an extensive menu of freshly made Dim Sum, stir-fried dishes to nourishing double-boiled soups using the finest ingredients.

Get 5% off your food bill when you make your reservation through their website. Promo code - RWSONLINE

Enjoy complimentary parking when you spend above $50.

Feng Shui Inn
Location : Equarius Hotel
8 Sentosa Gateway, Lobby Resorts World Sentosa, 098269

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The minced pork noodles is nicely done and garnish with minced pork, braised mushrooms and pork balls. The texture of the Mee Pok was springy, smooth and chewy. The rest of the soup, braised mushroom and pork ball were pretty decent. The Braised mushroom would definitely make a different if braised slightly longer with more aromatic fragrant.

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The food are a bit pricy as I ordered their signature Pork Chop with eggs and long beans for $4.20. The coconut curry gravy was rather thin and spicy, added flavour and savoury to the plain rice. Signature Pork Chop was tender and succulent, with sweet and sour sauce on top. While the eggs and long beans were pretty normal. Overall, I do find the dishes pretty decent if you want a quick fix for your curry craving.

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I have ordered both slices and fried fish soup with rice for $6.50. The fish soup was really flavourful and delightful, with added milk for its creamy taste. Dish was enhanced with salted vegetables, bitter gourd, tofu, tomatoes, and garnished with fried egg floss and spring onion. Batang fish slices were fresh and succulent, while the fried batter fish was crispier with thicker exterior. Both placed nicely in the bowl to soak up the aromatic and savoury broth. Gently dipped the fish meats with light soya sauce and chilli padi for greater enjoyment.

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The chicken porridge looks really plain and simple, yet filled with rich flavour and taste. Their porridge is thick as it has soak up all the goodness of the broth, packed with warm and homely taste. Chicken thighs are used as they are cut into very small cubes and mixed with great seasoning. Each bowl is garnished with freshly cut spring onions, salted vegetables and fried shallot. An absolute delicious breakfast!

The pork porridge is equally popular with pork slices, pork balls, and pork liver.

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You must try their Lor Mee whenever you visit this stall as they are quickly sold out before 1pm.

The starchy gravy was eggy, thick and flavourful. Enhanced it with the right amount of vinegar, minced garlic and chilli for your Beehoon to soak up the incredible unami flavour. The Yellow Noodles was slurpy and nicely garnished with pork belly, brised egg, fried meatballs, and fish cake slices. Their Fried meatballs are the best as it is nicely marinated and fried into small flavourful bombs when you pop them right into your mouth.


Boon Kee Wanton Noodle serve their wanton noodle in an old traditional ways with dark soy sauce, sesame oil and chilli. The ingredients were pretty decent with Veges, Char Siew, one Fried and two wet wanton. The char siew is a bit dry but chewy. The wet wanton are soft and delicate, and the Fried wanton is crispy.

The biggest attraction is the robustic, aromatic flavour of their dark sauce and springiness of their noodles.

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The meats are tender and aromatic as they are nicely marinated. The smokiness and charred fragrance of the meat will burst right in your mouth after every bite. Prefer the pork satays as they are so much juicier and tender with the fats. The peanut sauce is thick and nice, but lack pineapple puree to enhance the sweetness and soury taste. Nevertheless, you can never stop at just 10 sticks!

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How can I miss Curry Yong Tau Foo with Ke Kou Mee ($4.50) as it is my all time favourite! The portion is generous and all ingredients are really fresh. You can smell the aromatics of the curry filled with ginger, garlic, curry powder, herbs and spices. It is absolutely marvelous taking every bite on the bouncy, smooth and succulent Yong Tau Foo. Dipped into a mixed of their chilli and sweet sauce for a perfect meal.