They didn't serve brunch at about 3 and I still have no idea why :-( but we got their "Three Little Pigs" pizza ($22) it was delish but too pricey! Very filling for 2 people though! But great pizza - love the meat and thin crust!

Truffle fries was nice but not enough truffle oil for me! The taste didn't really come through but fries were crisp and yummy!

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Truffle fries were yum especially if you're craving some and you're in the area! Reasonably price for a mess-tin full! Ambience is lovely but limited menu choices :-( had their seafood aglio as well which was ok.

Slightly on the pricier side (this was about $10+ for one?) had the strawberry ice-cream with sea-salt marshmallows. Toppings were skimpy but it was yummy! Ice cream was deliciously smooth and creamy and waffles tasted just like the ones you get at Creamier (Toa Payoh)! Queues were crazy long though I waited about 45m-1h but I would say it's somewhat worth the wait!

They stop serving lunch at 3 and only start dinner at 6 :-( but nonetheless their Bangers and Mash were yummy but nothing extraordinary. Their wings however, were outta this world. MUST TRY! Total came to about $19 (best part, no GST/SC!)

Totally insta worthy, but too expensive and not enough flavor.