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16.80++ omg died and went to ramen heaven. Can't go wrong with this. Is this what a perfect ramen egg taste like??? Everything was 💯💯💯

Hakata Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen ($14.90++), I used eatigo for 50% off 😁


My fave jap place in the neighbourhood I lived at. They have outlets all over Korea. I love that EVERYTHING except for the main dish (what's sizzling on my hot plate) is free flow. Hehehehe

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I love cream pastas and this was good. Wasabi wasn't spicy and just added a hint of flavour. Salmon was cooked really nicely as well heheh


Decent comfort western food served on a hotplate. The sauce isn't one I'd crave for and pork slices were on a thinner side but you can't complain when it's 5.50 yo


Yknow co-op has your back. Wish they'd take the orders at 11 sharp despite kitchen delays (we don't mind waiting with the number system lel)

Until i had keisuke oh my gad changed my mind abt gyozas i love them now. Nanban tastes like heaven too everything was gr8 yay


Quite possibly the best tonkatsu i ever had

I made a special trip down to Jeonju (aka land of the bibimbap) just for a taste of what's known to some as the best bibimbap. Okay I know that there are outlets in Seoul but this one's the HQ. It was really good, I enjoyed the side dishes that came with it. I can't say that it is the best, i love bibimbap and generally most are good to me. But anyway it was a gastronomical treat with many ingredients not found in the usual bibimbap. Could be a Jeonju thing thooooo

In case u didnt get how much i love ramen