Unagi is tender but not as flavorful. Wagyu beef is also tender to the taste. Not to mention the savoury sauce really goes well with the beef and the rice. Worth it for the price, aesthetics and ambience

I'm not a fan of western food but I must say their grilled salmon (pinkish) is grilled really well. The soft grilled meat texture paired with their signature garlic chili is AMAZING. Their truffle fries is good too! We ordered moondust cocktail which was a bit pricey but it taste good and you can't really taste the vodka

The yuzu twist to cha soba is pretty novel and delightful! Worth trying~ As for the Unagi Bento, I would say it's just ok. Nothing special but nothing bad too. Unagi sauce not savory enough for my tastebuds but overall not bad!

The ambience is really chill and cozy. Not to mention, the decor is super aesthetic for dates with bae/friends/fam! We ordered Honey Yu zu + Honey Jujube + Mille Crepe + royal chocolate truffle cake. Mille Crepe is not bad but it's a bit too milky for my liking. But the royal chocolate truffle cake is da bomb :) Honey Yuzu and Honey jujube are q a good pair with the cakes so that eating the cake not that jelak

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Their main dishes are pretty meh except for their yuzu cha soba which has an interesting mild sweet flavor for the broth. Their Maccha dessert are fantastic though. Well balanced Maccha flavor with other sweet/savory tastes! Their maccha beverages are quite ok too!

The coffee is ok but the yuzu cake is really good in my opinion. The sweet citrus taste is lovely! Paired with coffee, the cake doesn't taste jelak.

The broth is just right for me. Not too salty but savoury enough for my liking. The beef is not tough and absorbs the broth well. Sweet potato tempura is abit cold but still taste decent. Overall not bad for the price value

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