Delicious soup base which wasn’t too overpowering. Noodles were well cooked as well and the chili oil flakes were a nice complement.

Not a great fan of raw food so the Kaisendon was not so fantastic. The mentai tamago was also really small and sad. However, the miso soup tasted good as they had brewed the broth till it was really rich.

Delicious and a bang for the buck. The ingredients (mozerella, cherry tomatoes, mesclun salad & ham) were very complimentary to each other in the risotto.

Had the Houjicha and dark chocolate in one cup which complemented each other extremely well. The other cup was Elderflower Mojito and blondie beach which was a good complement to each other as well but more towards a tangy side which my friends loved. Generous serving size!!

Extremely delicious! This is actually our 3rd time here. We’re only doing a review now because the past two times we were so focused on how delicious the food were we forgot to take a photo. Really recommend the dry Bak kut teh and soup was was really nice as well. The staff was really friendly as well and there were no hesitations in getting refills for their thick broth of BKT.

We ordered the normal breakfast set which was quite mainstream and nothing special. The beet root rosti was the star of the show though the portion could have been larger.

We had the Salmon Madness and Creamy Truffled Farfalle. The Farfalle was al dente and the mushrooms were a perfect complement. As for the Salmon Madness, the salmon was tender with crispy skin.

Fair amount of açaí and fruits were given but there were too many toppings which we couldn’t appreciate such as the coconut shavings and a variety of seeds(?).

With Burpple, we were allowed to try up to 6 flavours. In the end, we went with Hazelnut (Ferrero), Matcha, Peach Yoghurt and Pistachio. They all complemented each other well, though Pistachio was a little heaty.

We ordered one chocolate lava and one matcha lava cookie. Both tasted great, though we felt the cereal didn’t really compliment the matcha lava cookie. Go for the cookie crumbs instead!

The tea that came with the set tasted a little diluted, maybe because we got the iced tea. You could get the hot tea, which might help the tealeaves/teabags dissolve faster!