Every time I go to OAR Market I have the preliminary intention of eating something new, but this always, always gets in the way! I just can't resist not ordering it, slurps

This was very yummy and it wasn't even the highlight. We had the best suckling pig here! It was so good I completely stopped thinking about the calories ingested

One of the best 流沙包 in the country

Light, fluffy waffles with a hint of cinnamon! Also the rum syrup, vanilla ice cream and banana combination = match made in dessert heaven

How could I leave HK without trying these famous tarts? The egg filling was delicious and super eggy! The biscuit crust was a tad too oily for my liking though

I love Fong Zhao and these were pretty damn good. Overall good and cheap dimsum

The fluffiest eggs on toast and delightful milk pudding (the fresh milk really makes a huge difference). Wish I could go back for more

Brilliant dinner at Caprice. Firstly the ambience was classy without being overly pretentious, with a nice view of the Hong Kong skyline. The quality of the food was top notch, I had the pate which had an excellent combination, the wagyu beef and artichoke purée with potato puffs (pictured) which was wonderfully executed and we shared desserts tasting of refreshing rhubarb, strawberry and lemon. The amuse bouche and petit fours were also to die for! Well worth every dollar spent

Good quality and value for money