This is our favorite place! We always order Iberico Hoho Don (It's charcoal grill pork jowl on rice, Premium Buta Bara Don (It's charcoal grill premium pork belly on rice) both come with some salad and miso soup) and another one is my all time favorite dish is Ika Surume (charcoal grill squid with teriyaki sauce)

We had ordered Huge Combo set $8.90(1 favor of popcorn chicken and 1 favor of fries) the test was nice as always!and good deal as 1 for 1 too.
*Additional $1 for Criss cut fries*

Is my first time here at Lickers, I have tried ice cream with waffle! To me waffle was too crispy (I do prefer soft one) and ice cream test is ok ok!
Overall is ok but not that WOW LOL!

I had ordered strawberry mix Berry (2 pcs)
And top up $3.50 to get ice tea.
I would say that pancake was nice! Fresh ingredients too! Definitely will be back to try out other favor as well and hope will have a good deal too!
Thank you πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ

We are first time here at Kazoku and our first time redeem deal 1 for 1 from Burple! It's was worth it! We had ordered a few dishes and the was nice, (no service charge and GST as well)
Definitely will come back again.
Thank you.πŸ™πŸ˜Š

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