Tender and flavourful without sauce. A good option for anyone on keto

Great value! Definitely worth going back again. New since Dec 2020

Best place to have good quality durian desserts and fresh durian all in a single space.

$1.99 per piece with the purchase of a cocktail of your choice. Have tasted better so kinda disappointed at this half dozen.

The ricotta cheese added a wonderful dimension to the toast topped with lightly sweetened pear slices. Didnt really need the maple syrup.

Portion so big we couldn’t finish. Not the best but definitely good enough to satisfy the craving for korean street food

Sweet and spicy and cheesy! What could be better than this kfc combo.

The jeon platter is just like what they will eat for festive celebrations. Love it! A nice change from the typical dishes found at korean restaurants.

Beef cubes with instant noodles - ramdon

A trio of gula melaka cake, berries waffles with soft serve and ice latte. Definitely the place to go for a sweet weekend. Seating space is a tad small so be ready to wait in line.

A fusion of western and thai flavours. Definitely gives a kick to the tender chicken leg. I actually would prefer if the mash potatoes were sweet potato instead.