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Saw that there was a long queue and decided to try it out. Ordered grilled squid, ginseng chicken soup, kimchi pancake and spicy chicken.. Only the ginseng chicken was nice. The rest were disappointing. Also, it is the 1st korean restaurant that I visited that doesn’t refill kimchi side dish.....

Taste wasnt as spicy as I thought. It was also not served hot. Could be better as the previous time I tried was impressive.

Teriyaki Chicken set for lunch. Always love how generous the vegetables portion are given. Meat was good after the sauce was poured and mixed.

Sourish tomato taste for tomato lovers. Seafood was fresh. Decent portion.

Will always drop by this shop for a taste of traditional cuppa before heading back for work. Taste is thick and consistent.

Tried the strawberry yogurt and peach yogurt. Would recommend peach as the strawberry taste is mild. The portion is also quite a lot especially we drank it after dinner.

Many selections to choose from but I tried the baby ribs. It was a little dry but quite well marinated. Probably should just opt for the steak next time.

The strawberries were fresh except that they ran out of most other fruits when I ordered. Portion was acceptable for 3 pax since it was 1 for 1 promotion.

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It is rather nice snack around Vivo with it. Considering it’s price. It is a worth while snack with 1 for 1

Used 1 for 1, tried the chicken and bacon pizza and their carbonara (added chicken thinking it would be part of the 1 for 1, it wasn’t), with minty lime spritzer and iced mocha total around $30. Overall barely worth it even with the 1 for 1.

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