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Rating: 3.5/5

Everyone paused after their first bite of the Ni Pizza Sweet Potato ($16.80) - the gentle sweetness was bright and soft, an unexpected deviation from the deep savoury cheeze that our eyes promised us. But we didnt pause for long - it was delicious!

That being said, it's hard putting a label to this dish - it tastes like a dessert but feels more jelat like a main dish. And our whole dinner felt like this, with the many sweeter fusion-ish dishes that slightly unsettled us because of our expectations, and yet delighted us.

Definitely an interesting experience, with large shares! Look out for their mix-and-match sets which are reasonably priced :)

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[Tarte by Cheryl Koh]
Rating 2/5

A delightfully bright and modern cafe hidden in a cozy corner, whose name promised an equisite tasting tart-with-an-atas-e.

But with great costs comes great expectations, and the coconut pandan ($10) tart failed to deliver - the thick custard had the consistency of chilled butter and tasted half like that too. Time to get my cholesterol checked 😥

Rating 4.5/5

Its hard to find good risotto in Singapore but the beef risotto ($28) hit the mark! The dish flavorful and rich, and the beef's texture moderated the mushier risotto creating a entertaining dish to the last bite.

Not too much of a fan of the limited lunch 1-for-1 menu which does not showcase many of their better dishes though.


Rating 3.5/5

Although it was very popular dinner spot but we didnt need to wait for a seat!

The aburi scallop salmon don ($17) was just the right portion and was delicious with sushi rice that was just lightly grilled and a generous portion of fresh and perfectly seasoned salmon cubes! Too bad the scallops were a little too thin to enjoy its texture though.