Always thought this place was only okay
- Don’t really like the texture of the ice cream because it can be quite icy sometimes
- Nothing special or interesting about their flavours

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Used to be my favorite french toast for years but just feel like it’s just not as good as it used to be (especially after the Stanley Street branch opened)

French Toast - Berry compote is just too sweet for my liking and the maple syrup is drizzled too unevenly. I still enjoy the richness from the brioche which is probably still why I order it.

New favorite flavour - midnight gianduja. Intense and deep chocolate flavours but yet not too overwhelming.

Definitely not the best chicken rice you can get in SG but when you want it, there you have it at any time. Great spot for a supper place around town.

Nicely decorated cafe that is very reliable. Decent selection of cheese and finger food for a nice tea/ pre dinner snacks, paired with tea/ wine. Good natural wine selection. (Though I would have very much preferred the bread to be hot and toasted)

Lovely ambience. Hummus hit the right spot with the creamy consistency and chickpea taste.

Did not really like the pairings on the kebabs especially the cheese halloumi one.
- other pairings were saganaki prawn and shish tawook

Would come back for the ambience, for drinks, but not particularly for the food. It’s okay but not fantastic

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Sinfully good, a once in a while treat since $$$.

It is a bit too oily for my liking, think there are other tempura shops that can do this better - e.g. Tenshin.

Simple dishes executed well - a reliable spot. Not mind blowing but you know you can’t go wrong.

Not the most value for money/ cheapest (pricier side for what you get), but for me it’s the comfort that makes me come back.

This place is very value-for-money for the quality and amount they give! Tucked away in a neighborhood, it is way better than your typical chain sushi restaurants for just a little bit more $$.

Standards definitely has dropped through the years. Price point and location comparison, would still rather go to Tatsya on the other side of Orchard Road.

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