I think this will be my go to place for pork fixation

Good ole Mr Ho’s Fine Food

Love pork, love chunky juicy tomapork 😘

Tiny space with great character and friendly barista

Combined with grilled cheese sandwich maestro

Worth checking out!!

Deli !!

Not a fan of Puro beans though

Great ambience and you can do your part to adopt a plant from the many varieties to choose from

It’s been a while since I have been able to satisfy my craving for the Choc Chip Cookie with milk

The new branch is located in the quiet neighbourhood and pastries and cakes are the focal items.. didn’t get to try the sourdough, well next time

Prepare upon order, the look and taste are so convincing

Will definitely return to try more

I’ve had better.. wouldn’t recommend this as I am most particular about fried cauliflower

The menu selection looks interesting

The way it is set up, it’s meant for the gram 😂

Espresso price is decent for double shot

VBM machine reminds me of my days in the cafe

Really like the local infused flavour here

Coffee is great too

New in the hip area - since there’s water shortage in Klang Valley, we try the filter coffee

Not bad, and the ambience is great

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