The dishes here were really delicious! We started off with an appetizer which included warm grapes and cheese. The mixture of flavours were really interesting! To be honest I am not the biggest fan of beef, but the steak here was so juicy and tender (really melts in your mouth), made me understand why people enjoy it so much. This was paired with tomatoes that was infused with their special sauce and complements the steak we were having.

We finished it off with the tiramisu - infused with brandy in cream. I couldn't stop eating this, its a must get if you come here!

The staff also patiently explained to us about every dish so we know exactly what we are savouring. A great restaurant with delicious food and lovely ambience :)

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heard quite a bit about their dumplings and finally decided to order some for my family! all the dumplings were really tasty and fillings were very generous! we got 5 different types: emperor's, pulut hitam, nyonya, Hakka pork belly, hokkien rice. my favourite one was the emperor's dumpling with scallops, mushrooms, chestnuts and etc! (but this one was pricey as compared to others), I can understand why this place is so highly praised in my friend circles :)

Tried the garlic soy wings and paired it with some fries and berry soda and it was really good! The wings were coated with the right amount of sauce and the berry soda was sweet enough without being overbearing :))

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Fu Lin been a favourite dining place in my family for a long time and visiting the Suntec City just bring back lots of memories! Really unique Yong tau foo and tastes so good (got the fried ones and youtiao is always my go to!) the staff is really friendly and so keen to help! (shoutout to the uncle at the entrance)

This was my first time trying Russian food so I was really excited for it and got to admit it was really good! We got the dumplings combo, and the meat inside was really juicy and yummy. The skin was a bit thicker than other dumplings but it provided texture and chewiness (and love the variety too!)

We purchased their signature honey cake to go with it and damn was it sweet! It was slightly too sweet for my taste buds but if you share it with someone I think it's a perfect dessert addition! Already recommended this place to another friend and we are considering coming back here soon! :)

Decided to try out the herbal fish (since it was on promotion!) and also bought some xiaola mala along with it and it was such a great decision! I was expecting a small fish for the price of $13.80~ but to my surprise it was a really generous portion and soup was so delicious! Perfect for those who enjoy mala but wants a side dish that is not as spicy 🔥 the mala was decent as well, xiao la wasn't too spicy, so our only regret is that we could have went for a Zhong la! (But it will be great for those who have low spice tolerance!)

Walked by this place and the storefront caught my eye, so my friend and I decided to try the food here and we weren't disappointed! I ordered a main (buta shogayaki don), kani gratin and an ongiri and they were delicious! Initially I thought the portion was too small but after consuming it and it was definitely filling for me. The kani gratin was by far my favourite dish as it was so flavourful and a great combination with the other dishes. The ongiri was a little dry but coupled with other dishes, it was pretty decent. We also ordered sake on the side and they even upgraded one of them to premium at no cost (thank you for the great service!)

Overall it was a little on the pricey side but I must say it was worth it :) Will definitely come by again if I have the chance to!

Had an enjoyable experience at this branch in kinex! Yummy food, lovely service, and a huge array of variety for one to choose from. Will definitely be back to try out other dishes in the menu :)

This is the first time i tried ramen that you can customise right down the the noodle hardness, amount of garlic and etc! :-)) the food was quite interesting and flavourful and good came really fast! (Around 5-10min) worth a try!

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