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Never Coming Back Horrible don - quantity + quality of sashimi was bad and they covered the rice with diced up crab meat to try and mask how little sashimi they were giving! Waited approx 30 mins for the don although we were the first ones in the restaurant during lunch. Ordered the signature maki roll and it was the smallest, plainest maki I have ever seen and cost $22! Really overpriced and can’t see the quality at all. Salad bar was pathetic with 5-6 choices of mundane choices. After Maru’s menu changes, their prices went up, quality and quantity went down and that’s the reason for their downfall. Will never visit again.
Lousy Unagi Don One of the worst experiences ever. I’d been previously a few times and the food was good. But now that they’ve renovated and changed management, it’s pretty terrible. Ordered the pork with fried rice don. When it came, it was just plain rice. Staff then told me that they’ve changed the menu but didn’t update me that the rice was no longer fried rice. Also ordered the Unagi bowl and the unagi was dry and rubbery. Worse than what you can get at a hawker center. Don’t go here ever. Food is also expensive as all the dons are 20+ and portions are tiny.
delightful experience (-: the garlic rice was super amazing!!!!! and the cheese on the salmon was so shiok 💯💯💯 highly recommend the pork bowl (~$20) as well, very tasty and juicy 😆 if you like beef, the truffle beef bowl (~$22) is worth a try too, extremely tender and delicious (‘:
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1 for 1? Don’t bother. It’s a scam. upon entering the shop, we have told the waiters that we would like to use the burpple deals and they said okay. They took down our orders and confirmed again that we were using burpple. (did not inform us that we need to order IDENTICAL drinks) fast forward, when we were about to pay, we saw that they did not cross out the other drinks and then the waiter said we are not allowed to use burpple as we did not order the same drink. the waiter insisted we ordered another same drink so we can get that for free. we weren’t told about the identical drinks rule and the fact that we have told them we were using burpple twice, we do not want to force ourselves to have another drink. The waiter have no choice and proceeded to get us another rectified bill. we were yet shocked again as they did not write off the one drink, but instead they just charge a 50% off on one drink and we still pay the full price for the second drink. we disputed again and the waiter said this is how their system works. there is nothing they could do or change anything. (literally repeat this is how their system works) The experience of this was horrid and upsetting. we have claimed many burpple deals and this is by far the worst experience we have ever had. Now, there are many cocktails bar in Singapore, if you want to advertise your drinks in burpple and encourage ppl to return again, then please stick with the burpple rules! if you’re confident that you do not need to advertise, then save us burrple users some troubles too! after all, all the signatures they have ain’t so “signatures” and the prices for cocktails are about the same all around. is it worth it? NO is it worth the trouble and to endure the dismissive and rude attitude? NO like one of the user’s comment- even if it’s free, i’ll never patronize this store ever again. I would rather pay full or more expensive price elsewhere with better ambience, better drinks and definitely BETTER SERVICE.
Rigid, limited redemptions. Nice ambience but 3 pax can only redeem 1 Beyond deal instead of 2 deals. Restrictive. We could have ordered more than 3 cups in total, but we didn't coz of this restriction. Concluded they aren't very smart in making more money then. Do note that the signature cocktail has to be the same item. Service was good. No happy hour deals hence will find somewhere else next time.
Really tasty cocktails, and super worth it with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1! Anyone who knows me understand it’s a completely impossible endeavour to ask me to drink (I simply don’t enjoy it); so when my friends said to try Jekyll & Hyde’s cocktails cause they’re really really easy to drink, and on Burpple Beyond as well, I was just like “aight I’ll join and you guys have your drinks, I’ll just take a sip.” Well thank goodness for persistent friends, I gotta agree their drinks are really pleasant for non-alcoholics 🙃 Their 1-for-1 signature cocktails applies to 4 creations, and the Spice My Monkey Up that we had was 👌🏻 Monkey Shoulder, lemon, honey syrup, and a delightfully warm and spicy ginger beer foam (love this) made up this drink. I’m not enough of a cocktail connoisseur to seriously critique this, but I think me enjoying it says heaps; unless of course you’re a huge alcoholic and want a really strong drink.
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