Date night food doesn’t have to just be eaten at night! We ventured to La Risata on a Sunday afternoon to treat ourselves and once again was not disappointed. The tortellini was soft, full and juicy. The pizza was perfectly crusted and the smoked salmon, tuna and rocket salad was a perfect pairing as well.

Food overall with a ginger ale was RM99

A mixture of gin, Thai black tea syrup and calamansi juice. The drink was served in a plastic glove and tasted like an alcoholic Teh o limau ais! They also incorporate the “ikat tepi” concept as you can tell from the glove. It’s a lovely speakeasy that is perfect for after work drinks.

The bar is hidden through a Narnia-like closet on the upstairs of a cafe called Timothy. The bartender Lawson is friendly and welcoming, and took his time to explain the concept of the bar and drinks to us.

A new cafe in the Masjid Jamek area. Lovely ambience and the food is alright. Chicken dishes were slightly on the dry side but the salmon sandwich was good. Would come back again to try more breakfast food - their salted caramel latte was good too. Price would be in the range of RM25-35 per dish.

RM9. Lovely cut of pork and sweet glaze. The fish flakes adds a nice crunchy texture too. The drinks here are served without straws which I thought adds a nice touch.

One of the best roadside nasi lemak I’ve eaten in KL. Open from 6pm-4am. Line gets long around dinner time but I promise you it’s worth it!

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Highly recommend this out of all the pho options because it has a mixture of all the beef portions - mix it with the sauces to get a good kick.

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It’s not really sweet so great if you’re into that kinda drink!

Potato balls of heaven, it was cooked with herb butter and some prawns. We also had the pizza (with Gorgonzola cheese!). For drinks, get the ginger ale and Tabasco if you’re going alcohol-free.


Absolutely amazing dish. The miso sauce and grilled eggplant is a wonderful combination. About RM17

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Chilli truffle oil was a nice touch 👌🏼 the brisket itself could have been cooked longer though, not as tender as I expected #thedailygrindkl #burpple